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4 indie beauty ingredient trends to watch in 2108

It’s clear that food trends continue to influence beauty formulations and that the quest for compelling, effective natural ingredients is still going strong.

The Indie Beauty Expo has, since it first opened in 2015, been a place to discover innovative natural cosmetics, personal care, and fragrance brands from around the world. And, while several brands exhibiting at the show in LA last week boasted proprietary synthetic ingredients, all things natural, sustainable, ethical were in the forefront.

Nuts and oils

Nut oils stood out at IBE, especially macadamia nut oil and pistachio oil. In fact, the new brands Pure Nut (launched early last year by Ann and Andrew Leslie) and Pistaché Skincare (launched by Sima Mostafavi in 2016) each have a single nut oil as their hero ingredient.

Pure Nut skin and body care products are made using oil from macadamia nuts that the Leslie’s grow on their farm in Australia. The product portfolio even includes a face oil and a body oil that are made with “just one” ingredient, as the brand’s new packaging highlights. That ingredient is, of course, refined macadamia nut oil.

The Pistaché Skincare collection includes products like Pistachio & Lavender Divine Beauty Oil and Pistachio & Rose Divine Beauty Oil, as well as a facial moisturizer, cleanser, and serums formulated with pistachio oil.

And several brands exhibiting at IBE are incorporating these oils into more complex product formulations too. The product portfolio from Australian brand Dr Roebuck’s includes facial skin care formulated with macadamia nut oil. Newly launched Lanima makes a facial oil that includes macadamia nut oil. And Joon hair oil includes pistachio oil in the formulation.

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