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Addex inks US$339m deal with Indivior

Swiss allosteric modulation specialist Addex Therapeutics has licenced its GABA modulator ADX71441 to US addiction therapeutics expert Indivior plc.

ADX71441 is a selective, first-in-class, oral positive allosteric modulator (PAM) that potentiates GABA responses at the GABAB receptor. In preclinical models of pain, anxiety, overactive bladder, addiction and a genetic model of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Type 1A (CMT1A) disease, ADX71441 avoided common side effects caused by direct receptor agonists that have been shown to trigger receptor signalling even in the absence of the GABA ligand.

Under the agreement, Addex receives US$5m upfront, potential milestones of up to US$330m and tiered double digit royalties for the global development and commercialization rights of ADX71441 to treat addiction. Additionally, Indivior will fund a research programme at Addex to discover additional positive allosteric modulators of the GABAB receptor. Over two years, Addex will receive US$4m in research funding to screen for compounds counteracting CMT1A neuropathy.

 “As a world leader in developing and commercializing treatments for addiction, Indivior is the perfect partner to continue development of ADX71441 which has shown potential in several preclinical models of addiction,” Tim Dyer, CEO at Addex, said in a press release. 

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