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Aluminum alloy F357 powder

AP&C, a GE Additive company, has announced that it will begin production of aluminum alloy F357 powder in the first quarter of 2019. Customer deliveries are expected from April 2019.

Aluminum alloy F357 powder will be produced using AP&C’s proprietary Advanced Plasma Atomization (APA) technology, at the company’s recently expanded facility in Saint-Eustache, Canada. The new plant offers a full production capacity of 1,000 tons.

The alloy powder has the same quality signature as APA titanium powders, meaning processability, high flowability, high packing, low porosity and high purity, making the alloy ideal to enhance performance and reliability of the aluminum printing process.

“It’s great to add aluminum F357 to our portfolio. Our customers have been asking us to provide aluminum solutions to address the challenges they currently experience,” said Alain Dupont, president & CEO, AP&C.

“The modular cell-based structure of our new plant in Saint-Eustache allows us to respond quickly to the additive industry’s demands as it rapidly evolves.”

Aluminum F357 is known for its weldability, with high strength and toughness offering corrosion resistance and heat conductivity.

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