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We don’t know the date or how many hours, but Amazon Prime Day 2019 will come. But we know that it will happen around July, and getting ready for it requires a lot of work. Although the delivery deadline for Amazon’s own offers and discounts has long passed, there are still many levers that traders can draw to ensure a successful First Day of the year.

Get the basics correctly – have enough inventory

Because most Amazon buyers prefer to buy products that meet Prime requirements, it is important to have adequate supplies at Amazon’s fulfillment center. If you are a Seller Central user, this means sending inventory to ‘FBA’ (Filled by Amazon) long before.

Amazon announced a June 27 deadline so that sellers had supplies sent to their fulfillment centers for Prime Day. But don’t wait until the previous week to load the trucks. “What some sellers don’t realize is that Amazon takes longer than usual to ship in June and July, said Aditya Patel, Partner at PurpleRock Capital Partners and Founder of the InstaNatural brand. “It’s best to stock up now to prepare as much as possible before the delivery time slows down.”

Prepare a DIY discount

Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of the premium toy business Joy Joy said that he plans to use Amazon discount coupons on Prime Day. This is a self-service promotion that can be arranged by Vendors or Sellers on Amazon. Coupons can be with dollar amounts or percentages, and discounts are funded by traders. Alnassir said that the coupon feature in Amazon helped attract more sales – both by offering good discounts to buyers, as well as differentiating product listings in search results because of the attractive green ‘symbols’ that cannot be missed.

Make your product look good

In 2018, 100 million products are purchased on Prime Day. With this buying frenzy creating more significant shopping traffic, the product details page needs to attract the attention of the buyer and explain the features & benefits clearly. InstaNatural’s Patel said that in anticipation of Prime Day, companies check everything on their product details page including keywords, images, key points and Enhanced Brand Content to ensure their listings are optimized as well as possible.

For brands that have extensive catalogs, the prospect of optimizing all these products ahead of the big day can be very tiring. Patel said that he was a fan of the Pareto principle (rule 80/20) and only focused on the main revenue-generating products. “In the early years we sold in Amazon five years ago, we saw a significant increase in sales in all our products,” he said. “Now this is not the norm.”

Find out if you can take a hit

Many brands use Prime Day as a way to raise awareness and test products, not necessarily to produce profitable sales. “We produce many of our superior items for sale and increase product awareness on Prime Day,” said Shaunda Necole, founder of the Chosen Bows brand. “The selling price is often so low that the product becomes a loss leader for us. However, we collect exposure to the products we are looking for, which often results in repeat buyers at full prices during the holiday season. ”

The smart way to track how accretive Prime Day transactions are is using the ‘New For Brand’ metric, which shows how many buyers bought products from your brand for the first time. 2019 will be the first year this metric is available, and will provide valuable insight into whether brands can see Amazon as an acquisition channel, not just a distribution channel.

Promote your offer through other channels

Although there are so many agreements vying to attract the attention of buyers, brands must consider how to also deliver news through other channels. This is where brands that have built followers of large social media or email lists can get great attention to competitors.

Patel of InstaNatural says brands should start tendering well before the event. “It’s important to engage with current customers or fans of your product, as well as potential buyers, to make sure they know you’re planning to attend this event and even give them a glimpse of what’s going to happen.

Brands investing in the creation of an online community can share an agreement on their products and obtain quick sales, increasing the visibility of their products in Amazon’s search results and increasing the risk of their products being seen and bought by new buyers.

One brand that has capitalized on viral social media in 2018 is the Perfect Bar snack brand.

Last year, when Amazon’s Web sites suffered outages due to excessive traffic, Perfect Bar’s customers struggled with difficulties they could not access the 40% discount rate deal. of the society. “This shortage has created a” FOMO “-like frenzy among our fans and has reached, on average, more than 20,000 new eyes followers of our fans,” said Jeff Perkel, director of eCommerce and Digital Strategy. the company last year. .

Test and learn

An essential strategy from Amazon’s game book is to test different approaches, measure results, and adjust the course. Now that we are five years from now, many brands have developed a game booklet. But the smartest merchants will take the time, after the big day, to think about what worked and what did not, and use it to inform their game plan not only for next year’s event, but also for the fourth quarter holiday sale period.

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