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Analysis of beverage samples using thin film solid phase microextraction (TF-SPME) and thermal desorption GC/MS

Brand name alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are unique; each aroma and flavor profile is composed from a wide range of volatile and semi-volatile flavor compounds…

To protect the brand, the composition must routinely be monitored for consistent product quality. Reliable routine monitoring of such complex products can pose an analytical challenge, let alone when sources of off-flavor or odor occurrences must be found.

Analysis techniques that are simple, require little or no solvent, and encompass a wide range of analyte concentrations, polarities, and functional groups are desirable. Thin Film Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (TF-SPME) is an extension of regular SPME, offering improved analyte recovery due to the increased surface area and phase volume, resulting in significantly improved sensitivity and accuracy.

TF-SPME can be performed in headspace or immersion mode followed by automated thermal desorption GC/MS. The technique is simple to use and requires no solvent. The work presented here demonstrates the application of TF-SPME to the determination of aroma and flavor components in various beverages.

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