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Aseptic expert – High sterility and reliability

TX2-60L stericlean robotic arm, reach 920 mm, max. payload 5 kg, GMP class A

TX Stericlean robot in an aseptic Isolator cell

TX2-90 Stericlean robot, reach 1000 mm, max. payload 20 kg, GMP class A

TX2-40 Stericlean robot, reach 515 mml, max. payload 2.3 kg, GMP class A

TX2 Stericlean robotic arm – the preferred robot for Advanced Aseptic Processes

  • Unique design preventing from contamination sources
  • Fully compliant with VHP sterilizations
  • Consistent process reliability and employee safety
  • Premium agility in compact cells
  • Online traceability for high sensitive products
  • bioquell certified: tested in critically conditions of decontamination from a chemial solution with 35 % of H202

Benefits and advantages of Stericlean robotic arms for aseptic processes:

  • Critical parts made of stainless steel
  • Electrical and pneumatic user connections: available on request customer-adapted solutions
  • Wrist, IP67, special surface treatment
  • Smooth, reproducible movements with no vibrations
  • Complete range of 8 models with reach from 515 mm to 2010 mm
  • More than 10 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical industrial applications
  • Vertical cable outlet, system and user interface are shielded under the robot base
  • food grade oil class NSF H1 with no loss of performance
  • Fully enclosed arm structure with special surface treatment
  • Digital multiturn encoders for higher availability and performance (battery free system)

Targeted markets:
medical, pharmaceutical, Life Science, lab automation, hospital automation

Main applications:

  • Manufacturing of drugs
  • Handling and packaging of IV bags, syringes, ampoules and vials
  • Aseptic dispensing
  • Loading and unloading of autoclaves and/or isolators

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