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At 44, these are the beauty products I use to the very last drop to look ‘just young enough’

In our new fortnightly column Just Young Enough, the beauty writer Annabel Jones shares with us the tricks and tips that keep her looking – and feeling – great.

An indispensable beauty product has to do at least one, if not all, of the following: Deliver results, flatter your face-shape/hair type/personality, be of feel-good quality and make you feel more confident wearing it than not. Will it change your life? Maybe not, but it will elevate your day. A trusted beauty faithful does matter; it has the power to lift your spirits, showcase your uniqueness, and give you the courage to take on a tricky day. It takes some trial and error to find your signature pieces, the ones that defy trends, age and seasons to attract such compliments as; You look well, have you been away? And, not unlike discovering the perfect cut of jeans, these often come courtesy of a recommendation. So, here are my 9 buy-on-…

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