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Burberry aims at providing a boost to the cashmere industry in Afghanistan

Burberry aims at providing a boost to the cashmere industry in Afghanistan. The British luxury fashion brand is trying to promote sustainable agricultural practices. While nearly 95 per cent of the country’s goats are cashmere producing, just 30 per cent are currently farmed for cashmere. Burberry wants that to change.

Afghanistan is the world’s third largest cashmere producer after China and Mongolia. Afghan cashmere is of a significantly higher quality than Iranian cashmere. In Afghanistan, cashmere fiber production is still part of the country’s rural traditions, meshing in some regions with an ancient, rarely changed lifestyle. Many Afghan goat herders have limited understanding about the potential and true value of cashmere, and the project is aiming at addressing such challenges by working with local herders to create community-owned collective action organisations and provide them with the necessary knowledge, technical skills, essential services and access to markets to support sustainable farming and economic development.

By doing so, the overall objective of the project is improving cashmere quality and yield as well as the yield of herders’ goats overall, including meat and dairy production – which in turn would allow herders to obtain a higher value for their goats. A training program will be introduced for herders, on how to safely remove cashmere fibers from the goats.

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