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Cindy Crawford Just Posted a Makeup-Free Selfie and the Internet Is in Awe

Once a supermodel, always a supermodel. In a stunning, makeup-free selfie, 52-year-old Cindy Crawford proves that she’s very much still got it—even without a stitch of makeup on.

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Like anyone with a face as globally recognizable as Crawford’s, genetics definitely play a role in the youthful, taut complexion before us, but she also says exercising, eating clean and taking great care of her skin are big factors, too.

To keep it looking selfie-ready around the clock, the former supermodel relies on lots of facials and microdermabrasions and a constant application of serums—even under moisturizer. Oh, and she’s completely sworn off soy sauce. “It made me really puffy,” she tells us in an interview

No one loves a hefty serving of soy more than me, but I’m all for it if it’ll get me a few steps closer to looking supermodel-esque. 

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