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Cohesion strength measurements of fluidizable powders

The fourth webinar in the webinar series on powder rheology focuses on the cohesion and cohesion strength of powders and granular media.

Cohesion strength describes the internal resistance of the powder to flow and is therefore a measure of powder flowability. Cohesion strength measurements of fluidizable powders can be quickly carried out with a high reproducibility and – as a quality control tool – help to predict powder behavior. This simple powder measurement is carried out on an MCR rheometer equipped with the Anton Paar Powder Cell, guaranteeing high throughput and high reproducibility. In practice, it can be used alone as a daily quality indicator, or as part of a more detailed quality control scheme leading to further defined analysis steps when certain threshold parameters are passed.

Language: English
Deadline: 25-Nov-2018
Event Organiser: Anton Paar GmbH

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