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Conti claims using digital tire monitoring technology

Conti claims using digital tire monitoring technology — such as its ContiPressureCheck and/or ContiConnect Yard systemsContinental Tire the Americas has upgraded its Conti Coach HA3 line of radial tires for motor coaches with embedded tire pressure management system (TMPS) sensors in a move to promote digital tire monitoring among bus fleets.

“Continental is committed to being a technology leader, delivering increased safety and providing the lowest overall driving cost to our fleet customers,” according to Paul Williams, executive vice president, commercial vehicle tires, the Americas.

Conti claims using digital tire monitoring technology — such as its ContiPressureCheck and/or ContiConnect Yard systems — can help fleets reduce tire-related breakdowns, which translates into reduced downtime and cost savings, as well as improved fuel efficiency and potentially up to 25-percent longer tread life.

Conti said embedding sensor technology into its tires is part of its “Vision Zero” policy — zero fatalities, zero injuries and eventually zero accidents in motor transport.

The embedded HA3 is available in one size, 315/80R22.5.

In announcing its decision to embed sensors in all HA3 tires, Conti — citing American Bus Association Foundation data — noted that there are more than 38,000 motor coaches in operation in the U.S. and Canada, providing 590 million-plus passenger trips per year.

In addition, Conti noted there are 1,000 accidents per year in North America involving motor coaches. Since 1990 there have been 366 deaths in motor-coach-related accidents.

Conti offers over-the-road monitoring of the sensors via ContiPressureCheck Integrated, which sends real-time tire pressure and temperature data to telematics systems. This option is available through Zonar Systems Inc. — a majority-owned Continental business unit — Geotab Inc., PeopleNet and Road Ready.

Similarly, Conti offers ContiConnect Yard, a system installed at a fleet’s vehicle yard that monitors data from vehicles as they visit the fleet’s terminal. The system notifies fleet managers with text and email alerts if issues are detected.

Conti launched the HA3 line for motor coaches in 2014. It produces the line — which offers extra load-carrying capacity, interlocking 3D sipes and low noise-optimized tread design — at its Mount Vernon, Ill., tire plant.

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