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Cuba Praised for Its Renewable Energy Efforts

Cuba was applauded for its efforts in the development of renewable energy sources at the International Fair of Renewable Energies which took place in the country’s capital Havana Thursday.


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Alfonso Blanco Bonilla, the executive secretary of the Latin American Energy Organization (Olade), praised the Caribbean nation for taking steps to develop renewable energy sources.

Condemning the economic sanctions and blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States, the official said, “It is really gratifying to see a Cuba that captures foreign investment, which is trying to make the energy sector an engine of the economy.”

Also at the event, the director general of International Cooperation and Development of the European Commission, Stefano Manservisi, noted “with satisfaction” Cuba’s ambitious goal of producing 24 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2030.

“It is a long-term effort, and a unique opportunity for investors,” he said, also rejecting the U.S. blockade on Cuba, and adding that the European Union has a program dedicated exclusively to cooperation with the island in the area of energy.

The director of the International Renewable Energy Agency, Irena, Adrian Z. Amin, also celebrated Cuba’s progress towards its goal. He stated that the agency is committed to working with Cuba to expand its renewable energy sources, in order to build a more sustainable energy future.

The three-day international event was organized by Fira de Barcelona and Grupo Empresarial Palco, with the support of the Cuban Ministry of Energy and Mines, and saw the participation of 10 countries as well as more than 75 exhibitors from about 40 companies.

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