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Demand for Turkish towels on the rise in China

Turkish towel and bathrobe exporters have identified China as one of their key target markets, with growing demand there. Turkish towels and bathrobes are sold as luxury products with the image of European goods in China.

There is a common perception in China that wealthy people buy European goods. And since Turkey is a European country, manufacturers of Turkish products hope to find a good market in China. Turkish exporters plan to open a warehouse and hold promotional events in China so that Turkish towels and bathrobes can claim a larger share of the Chinese market.

The number of people in China’s high-income group is more than double that in Turkey. Turkish cotton hammam towels have evolved from the Turkish hammam bath tradition and are super lightweight, quick-drying natural cotton towels. They are ideal for outdoor pursuits as well as for home use. They are of natural fiber, 100 per cent cotton, totally flat-woven fabric with no fluff which makes them lightweight. This is great news for allergy sufferers as no manmade fiber is blended in.

These towels come from Denizli in southwest Turkey. This region’s textile exports to China in 2017 showed a two-fold increase compared to the previous year.

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