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Department of Energy launches online access to its national labs

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) launched an online platform for investors and institutions to find information from DOE’s 17 national laboratories.

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This tool – called the Lab Partnering Service (LPS) — will provide the industry with easy access to the technical expertise and intellectual property housed at DOE’s labs.

The platform has three different ways to access information. There is a feature called Connect with Experts, which gives access to top national lab researchers and subject matter experts. There is another access point called Technical/Marketing Summaries, which direct users to pre-validated, ready to license technologies. Finally, there is the Visual Patent Search portal, where users can search online for patents associated with DOE laboratories.

“The launch of the Lab Partnering Service represents a big step in reducing barriers that often limit energy investors from partnering with our National Labs,” Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said. “The LPS consolidates information and capabilities at the National Labs to increase public access, allowing industry and academia to fully utilize these vital scientific resources.”

The DOE’s 17 national labs have supported the critical research and development that have led to many innovations, including the batteries powering electric vehicles and the foundation of Internet servers.

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