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Ecoinnovation with Roica stretch fiber has varied uses

Penn Textile Solutions and Penn Italia have introduced Ecoinnovation, a fully sustainable product range. These products are created using Roica, a premium stretch fiber. Making stretch performance a specialty fiber generates new values for contemporary consumers.

Penn Textile Solutions and Penn Italia is a fully integrated company with over 50 years’ expertise in producing innovative warp and weft knit textiles that answer customers’ demands, including fantastic elastomeric knitted textiles.

Ecoinnovation consists of unique articles characterized by reinforced edges and seizing that includes the following recycled items; tulle, tulle galloons with dreamshape reinforced edge, tricot, dreamshape reinforced gripping edge (great for cycling shorts), stretch satin, polyester tulle and polyester double jersey perfect for laser cutting.

Beachwear brands use Roica in their latest collections. Roica is a premium stretch fiber produced by Asahi Kasei. It is the secret premium stretch ingredient used to provide comfort, enhance quality and confidence. Roica’s collection of superior functional fabrics is revolutionizing the premium stretch market, thanks to advanced yarn solutions dedicated to specific needs of the contemporary consumer.

Penn Textile Solutions, based in Germany, manufactures and distributes textile goods. The company markets linen goods, felt goods, padding, and upholstery filling to clothing and furniture manufacturers.

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