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Entergy Mississippi operations building opens in Jackson, Mississippi

Entergy Mississippi officially opened the doors of its new, $20 million distribution operations center this week, housing the “brain of the electric grid” in a renovated, 35,000 square foot property in Jackson, Mississippi.

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From there, Entergy will manage the electric lines ferrying power to more than 449,000 residents. Therein, operators have a command center for restoration efforts, enhanced disaster resiliency, can transfer operations to sister companies in the event of disastrous events, use visual cues to highlight priority events, and now have a training room capable of mimicking real life storm scenarios through simulation. The company’s customer service, safety, engineering and other departments will also be housed therein.

“This is Entergy Mississippi’s hub for reliability, resiliency and stability in our distribution grid,” Haley Fisackerly, Entergy Mississippi president and CEO, said. “It’s designed to communicate with the entire grid. For example, once customers’ automated meters are in place, we’ll know the lights are out before a customer calls.”

The building currently supports 74 employees but is capable of taking in up to 150 during major storm restoration efforts.

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