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Exclusive: Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey’s Magical Jewelry Collection

February sees Loquet London, the British fine jewelry brand not only introduce their magical and romantic ‘Talisman’ collection but also their pop-up store in Selfridges over the Valentines period.

Founded by friends Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey in 2013, their latest line has been inspired by the age-old ritual of traditional Talismans, who were thought to have magical and protective powers with the ability to ward off evil influences. As such, the line consists of diamond and plain gold hoop earrings and two styles of bangle crafted from 14kt flexi-gold. These feature charms such as the evil-eye (for protection), feather (wisdom) and moon (intuition).

The duo talk about friendship, the ‘Talisman’ line and their pop-up shop within the luxury department store, Selfridges.


Laura Bailey & Sheherazade Goldsmith

Felicity Carter: What was your first memory of jewelry?

Sheherazade Goldsmith: Friendship bracelets, daisy flower chains and shell necklaces.

Laura Bailey: A ring my dad dug up in the garden. Gold with a ruby flower.

FC: Where, why, how did the partnership come about?

SG: Friendship spanning a decade or two, in London, a conversation about an idea over a glass of wine.

LB: A cherished friendship is the foundation – but the creative and business conversation began over a brainstorming glass of wine when Sheherazade shared her idea and one thing quickly led to another.


‘Talisman’ collection

FC: Where do both your creative strengths lie? 

SG: Laura has a depth of experience and knowledge when it comes to imagery and design. She has an inherent understanding of how to express the aesthetic of a collection through imagery and words. My creative strength is in the business development – where and how to push things forward on a global level. We tend to design together.

LB: Sheherazade is a talented creative entrepreneur, unafraid of the broad learning curve of tech/travel/ finances/innovation that comes with building a business. 

My diverse multiple lives in the fashion business – as editor, model, writer, and photographer – have given me a deep foundation of relationships and experience, especially useful in both design and image/brand development. 

FC: How would you describe the brand’s aesthetic?

SG: Contemporary and playful. This is a collection for every woman, day or night. A discreet coded message full of stories. 

LB: Original, emotional, authentic.

FC: Do you have a favorite piece of the collection and why? Or most sentimental piece?

SG: My favorite is our heart shaped Loquet filled with charms. This was our first design, the concept around which everything else came to be and I wear mine every day.

LB: Right now I love our now hoop charm ear-rings, from the ‘Talisman’ collection. But I also love my daughter’s small heart birthstone loquet – her favorite thing. 

FC: Tell us about the design process…

SG: This will often be kick-started by something we’ve seen during our travels. A mural, a landscape, or a piece of literature. We usually have a couple of meetings to hash out an idea – put together a CAD so as to play around with dimensions and colors and then samples are made.

LB: A melting pot of ideas – inspired by travel, art, poetry, London. Days in the studio editing and experimenting. Late night phone calls. We are both speedy and decisive and have a successive shorthand communication born of a trusted friendship. 

FC: Loquet London has been a success globally how are you planning to grow the brand for 2018?

SG: This year we’d like to focus our attention on the Asian and Middle Eastern market. We are looking at the different types of social media platforms and how they are used globally as well as imagery and how fashions.

LB: Ambitious international growth, collaborations, and by staying true to our original aims and inspirations.

FC: What do you think makes Loquet a successful British fine jewelry brand?

SG: Loquet is a timeless piece of jewelry. It is not constrained by trends, age or occasions. Everyone has memories they cherish, people they love, stories to tell. Whether you’re gifting it to a new-born or a grandmother, there is always a moment in life that has a meaning.

LB: The combination of an original idea, continual tech and design innovation, happy customers, and the friendship at its core.

FC: Tell us about the new pop up opening at Selfridges…

SG: We’re incredibly excited to be working with Selfridges, we will be in residence for a month coinciding with Valentine’s day, which is a perfect moment for Loquet. We’ve developed a small concept that will allow customers to really understand the playfulness behind the Loquet brand and will be displaying some new designs that will be exclusively available during our pop up.

LB: An exciting opportunity to collaborate with a store we both love over Valentines Day and through all of February. True romance and a chance to discover the playful essence of the brand up close. 

FC: Tell us more about the upcoming Talisman collection…

SG: I love this new collection as it’s full of pieces I love wearing. Our charms are distinctive due to their details and miniature size. This is only possible due to them being hand-made and a lot of effort goes into the final design process. We place a huge emphasis on the design of each charm, so as to make it truly individual. These are now wearable on both hoop earrings and bangles that you can customize and add to overtime. This is very much a natural progression from our Loquets and equally contemporary and playful in design.

The Talisman collection will be available from 1st February 2018 at Loquet London’s e-commerce site www.loquetlondon.com, shipping globally. Also, catch their pop-up store in Selfridges from now.

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