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[ Global Warming ] Open Question : How do I critically assess this argument?

It’s been said, “The good thing about science is that you don’t have to believe in it for it to be true.” This certainly applies to those who don’t believe in climate change. In 1785, Antoine Lavoisier discovered a truth, the Law of Conservation of Energy. “Energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.” Later, Albert Einstein used this same truth to develop another law, E=mc2. These fundamental truths are the building blocks of our modern world. The energy generated from using fossil fuels releases heat and carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Planet earth is a closed system, and the more energy we use, the more heat is released. As our planet heats up, we witness the melting of our ice caps, the fouling of our atmosphere and the increased acidity of our water. In turn, we put into motion the forces that Sir Isaac Newton discovered. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The amount of heat that’s released when burning fossil fuels will heat something else up. There is no escaping these fundamental truths. Each of us must do our part to limit our use of fossil fuels, demand that our leaders recognize these undeniable truths and develop policies to preserve our environment.

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