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Goodyear blimp charts course to Akron

LOS ANGELES — Wingfoot Two, one of Goodyear’s three new-generation blimps, has begun a 2,600-mile journey from Los Angeles to Goodyear’s Wingfoot Lake Airship Base near Akron, marking the airship’s second cross-country tour of the year.

The flight is expected to take nine days, weather permitting, with scheduled flyovers of Tuscon, Ariz.; Deming and Hobbs, N.M.; Fort Worth, Texas; Fayetteville, Ark.; St. Louis and Indianapolis. Fans in cities and towns throughout the entire region are encouraged to keep an eye on the skies for the blimp, follow the journey on Twitter and share their photos.

Since arriving in California in October, Wingfoot Two, based at Goodyear’s hangar in Carson, Calif., has helped to provide coverage of the Rose Parade, Rose Bowl, Golden Globes and Academy Awards, as well as PGA Tour and NASCAR events, and the NBA Finals, Western Conference Finals and All-Star Game.

Launched in 2016, Wingfoot Two is part of a new generation of Goodyear blimps that also includes Wingfoot One and Wingfoot Three, which are based in Florida and Ohio, respectively.

The Akron-area Wingfoot Lake Airship Base has seen the construction of more than 300 blimps since its establishment in 1917. More about the history of the iconic airships can be found at goodyearblimp.com.

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