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Groupe Touchette relocates distribution center in Saskatchewan

REGINA, Saskatchewan — Groupe Touchette Inc. has relocated its distribution center in Regina to a facility less than two miles away that offers twice the capacity as the former warehouse.

Groupe Touchette is leasing the 21,000-sq.-ft. warehouse, which previously was occupied by Sears, Roebuck & Co. The distributer said the new facility is capable of storing 24,000 tires and will bring an improvement in service, a wider tire and brand inventory and an extended delivery system adapted to the market.

Groupe Touchette said it has invested more than $3 million in infrastructure (storage equipment, material handling equipment, IT, inventory) in the new building.

The distributor, which calls itself the largest in Canada, operates 30 distribution centers across Canada, including eight in the province of Quebec.

“It is a win-win situation,” Warehouse Manager Jesse Hawken said. “This distribution center will enable us to provide better service, better access to products and a faster delivery capacity.”

According to Mr. Hawken, the warehouse will have eight permanent employees, with the potential of adding six to eight employees during high demand seasons.The official move was made Aug. 27.

Groupe Touchette said a distribution center of this size reinforces Groupe Touchette’s presence in Saskatchewan and aligns with company’s development plan, which, it said, is to continue gaining a foothold across Canada and sustain rapid growth by improving service.

Montreal-based Groupe Touchette opened a distribution center in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in June 2017 to serve the Atlantic region. That D/C, also 21,000 square feet, represented a $1 million investment and can warehouse close to 30,000 tires.

The company serves manufacturers, dealers and independent customers, handling most major brands.

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