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Helping Startups Maintain Healthy Employees

Helping Startups Maintain Healthy Employees

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, The Startup Magazine wants to share some critical insights to help startups maintain healthy employees and be more secure in their contributions to the business launch and scaleup. Today more than ever it is critical to focus on how stress and life’s distractions impact physical and mental health. An estimated one in four American adults are diagnosed with some form of mental illness within a given year. And the relationship between mental and physical illnesses is well documented.


Illnesses have negative consequences for all businesses. The effects can be especially crippling to startup businesses that can ill afford to lose the contributions of key employees. And for a startup, every employee is a key employee. Employee time off, lack of focus, irritability, and inefficiency are all direct effects on a startup’s ability to move its business forward.

Disrupted Health Care System

Obtaining good health services has never been so challenging as it is now. Changes in health care laws have disrupted the service providers. They’ve made finding health care confusing, cumbersome, and more expensive exactly at a time one least needs to have additional burdens. With the extra anxiety in the process, there is even more room for lack of adequate care and medical provider negligence problems.


So take some solace in that many new resources are available. While it is advised to stay away from “Doctor Google” for medical advice, business and legal experts are available to help guide you in how to manage your employees and provide for their health care needs. Below is one helpful guide from Slater & Gordon that will help you communicate with employees. It’ll help you direct them to additional help. Your startup needs to follow the suggestions of these guides. Building a healthy company depends on having healthy employees.

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Source: Slater Gordon

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