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Nature Box is a new vegan brand in the US from Henkel

Henkel has launched a vegan brand known as Nature Box in the US, according to a report published by Westfair.

The brand is centred around a cold-pressed philosophy with key ingredients including cold-pressed coconut and avocado oils, and almond and macadamia oils sourced sustainably in partnership with international development organisations.

The line up comprises 22 products including a shampoo, conditioner and other hair care treatments, body wash, lotion, and butter as well as liquid hand soap.

“Nature Box formulas with cold pressed oils help keep the skin from drying out, and are nourishing and refining, making skin and hair both healthy looking and soft,” Xenia Barth, Henkel Vice President of Marketing told Westfair. “Nature Box meets a host of beauty needs from the tips of your hair down to the pores of your skin, so you can ‘unbox’ the very best of you.”

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