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[ Higher Education (University +) ] Open Question : Is it strange that Sarah Braasch took over 20 years in college and will graduate with a PhD from Yale Philosophy at the age of 45?

When I read the story about Sarah Braasch, a PhD student, making a police call on another black student, Lolande Siyonbola, I wasn’t struck about the details of the incident. I was actually wondering why Braasch was pursuing a fifth college degree and what she was doing in college for over 20 years. @ Common Sense. She went to the University of Minnesota to pursue her bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. She later went back for a second bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering. After completing this degree, she decided that engineering was not for her so she enrolled in a 3 year law degree at Fordham Law. After completing this degree, she decided that law was not for her so she completed a 4 year master’s program in Philosophy at San Francisco State while also studying at a French university. When you graduate from a program, the minimum expectation is that you try to find employment in that area otherwise what is the point of all that schooling?

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