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Honeywell transportation systems business spin-off named Garrett

Honeywell has rebranded its transportation systems business following a spin-off. The new company has been named Garrett – Advancing Motion.

The Garrett name ties back to Honeywell’s turbo origins in the 1950s. At the time, engineer Cliff Garrett led the development a turbocharger for a Caterpillar D9 crawler tractor, marking the beginning of the turbocharged era for the automotive industry.

The company had been using the Garrett name to brand its current portfolio of aftermarket replacement and performance upgrade turbochargers for gasoline and diesel passenger and commercial vehicles.

“There is a strong emotional attachment to the Garrett name, which has stood for pioneering turbo technology for more than 60 years and has made an indelible mark on the driving habits of millions of vehicle owners as well as the history of automotive engine performance,” said Transportation Systems president and CEO Olivier Rabiller.

“We believe the next generation of vehicles will require a complementary mix of high-performance technologies to meet more stringent global environmental standards and demands for safer and more reliable electrified powertrains and connected cars,” added Rabiller.

“We see our role as an enabler for redefining and advancing how technology will move people and goods. Garrett – Advancing Motion captures both our traditional automotive domain experience as well as our capability for applying cross-industry excellence to solve problems.”

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