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How printing technology is keeping up with customization

Cosmetics Design found out from product identification specialist Videojet Technologies how this pace is impacting the development of in-line printing, coding and marking by providing solutions that are not only designed to boost branding, but are also helping businesses to quicker adapt their products to trends and regulatory changes.

The pace of change in an industry that has always wanted products on retail shelves ‘yesterday’, has never been faster, explains James Wolff, global marketing manager for Videojet Technologies, while changes to products also leads to a constant state of catch up on suppliers and technology.

Smaller batches means more work on labelling

Cosmetics and personal care production lines are increasingly facing up to the challenge of producing smaller and smaller batches of more personalized products, and while processing technology has to keep up with this change, so too does the labelling.

“Consumer preferences for personalized and dual-purpose packaging has created the need for printing technology that can handle intricate label design, as well as unconventional shapes and substrates. Furthermore, each additional product type requires printer setup for labelling and identification specific to government or retailer requirements,”​ said Wolff.

Behind these increasingly complex production batches, coding determines crucial elements such as the batch numbers, expiration date and other updates to


James Wolff, Inkjet Technologies

 the product labels, and often human error leads to mistakes that can cost businesses dearly.

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