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How To Tell the Difference Between Fake vs Real Followers on Instagram

How To Tell the Difference Between Fake vs Real Followers on Instagram

If you’re trying to grow your brand’s Instagram account, you may find it hard to stand out in the crowd. The struggle to obtain real followers for Instagram can seem like an impossible and time-consuming task, which is why many brands have chosen quick-fixes such as purchasing fake followers.

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The methods used to obtain these fake followers can vary, but there is no doubt that they can put your account’s safety at risk. It is possible to be targeted by these fake followers even if you don’t purchase them directly as well.

If someone you follow decides to purchase fake followers, those users can then go on to spam your account.

If you do acquire these followers unintentionally, be sure to avoid directly engaging with them. This could cause your page to be spammed even more and your feed to be cluttered.

It may be nice to see your follower count rise, but that is only temporary, since these spam accounts are likely to unfollow after a certain point. That’s why having real followers for Instagram is so important and vital for the safety of your account.

It may be difficult to spot these fake accounts right away, since they can sometimes look like real users. If you want to be sure, check out these signs that indicate a fake Instagram account.

1) Check Their Stats

One of the most obvious signs that an account is fake is their stats. Check to see if the user appears to be active, meaning how many posts they have, or if they have none at all. Also take a look at how many accounts they are following, compared to their number of followers.

For instance, if an account has no posts, follows thousands of users, yet only has a handful of followers, then they are most likely a fake account.

real followers on instagram

Source: https://www.instagram.com/barneys/

2) Vet Their Followers

If their stats did not give anything away, you should look into their follower list next. If the accounts that are following them appear to be unofficial (no posts, high follower count, blurry or inappropriate profile photo), they are probably also created by the same bot service.

When you are searching through the profiles, avoid clicking on any links or websites that are found in the bio section. These are most likely spam!

3) Beware of Spam

Not all bot accounts will contain the indicators previously mentioned. Some of these accounts are strictly created for spamming purposes.

Beware of accounts offering contests or giveaways for big brand names. For example, if you come across a page offering to give away a free pair of Nikes in their bio, it is probably a scam.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/appleproducts/

It is pretty easy to tell, as accounts with real followers on Instagram will host giveaways and contests in a much more professional manner.

4) Check Engagement

If you are still unsure at this point, you may have to investigate further into their page. Check out the content they have posted, and pay close attention to the engagement they are getting. Bots do not interact in a human-like manner, so look for some form of conversation in the comments.

Next, see if the account has been tagged in any posts, and if those posts seem to be legit. If their engagement seems non-existant or illegitimate, you can assume it is indeed a fake account.

5) Remove The Bots

Even though Instagram will go through and delete these spam accounts on their own, you could also take matters into your own hands. If you think your account is at risk for getting spammed and you want to clean house, go through your follower list and block any account that indicates the signs we mentioned.

Having real followers on Instagram will ensure your account stays safe and your engagement is not damaged. It may seem difficult to market your brand’s Instagram and stand out in the sea of competition, but taking shortcuts that will harm your account is never the answer.


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