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I-GraphX the portable devices for the laboratory and on the move

I-GraphX the portable devices

I-GraphX S / S-Accu The portable device for the laboratory and on the move. Weight only 4.0Kg. Battery operation with car adapter optional.

I-GraphX PR The 19-inch rack version. Fully integrated into your control cabinet, this process gas chromatograph also provides 4-20 mA for your system control with all interfaces to your higher-level control systems.

I-GraphX PX The process gas chromatograph for continuous system monitoring in Ex zone 1 with many interfaces to your higher-level control.

I-GraphX OEM The box is designed for integration into your own system. The control and output of the signal takes place via the RS232 interface. For parameterization, the I-GraphX proprietary software can be used via a PC / notebook.

I-GraphX GmbH offers high innovative micro-process gas chromatographs. Whether portable or stationary, I-GraphX devices are equipped with state-of-the-art micro technology and offer high-performance lab-quality gas chromatography with low maintenance costs, compact dimensions and extremely short analysis times.

I-GraphX: Industrial Graph Xolutions

Available in a variety of designs, this gas chromatography series provides the solution for the on-going process for field and laboratory applications.

All gas chromatographs (GC’s) are based on microsystem technology with one or up to four columns (standard / pro). The I-GraphX series includes a 19-inch rack version, stationary devices, mobile devices, OEM devices for integration into existing equipment and an ATEX 1 certified GC. Thus, process monitoring is also possible in potentially explosive areas.

The heart of the gas chromatograph I-GraphX is the world’s only fully functional gas chromatography module (Standard and Pro), which is consistently realized in microsystem technology. On an assembly in the dimensions of 163 x 74 x 24 mm, all fluidic and electronic components of the GC are integrated. This not only achieves a quantum leap in miniaturization, but also drastically reduces energy and media consumption. The gas chromatograph I-GraphX allows a previously unimaginably fast, mobile, simple, economical measurement and analysis of gases and dissolved gases in liquids.

The I-GraphX products require almost no service due to the modular concept. Integrated microprocessor technology, together with sophisticated software, enables parameterization, calibration, data evaluation, provision and data output via standard interfaces. Our gas chromatographs are standard equipped with the RS232 interface, but optional other interfaces can be provided. This also allows self-diagnosis, automatic recalibration and self-validation functions to be implemented.

I-GraphX : Analysis Xolutions

Almost without delay, the devices analyze gaseous substances. Equipped with a robust detector (μWLD), the I-GraphX devices reach a detection limit of a few ppm, with a pre concentrator unit (TRAP) down to a few ppb.

I-GraphX : X-time efficiently

  • Lightweight and small, whether mobile or stationary
  • Mobile use with battery and smallest gas cartridge over several days
  • Possible use in inline analysis due to the fast information retrieval and short dead times
  • Very short measuring times and media consumption
  • High reproducibility of the measured data << 0.5% rel. thanks to the long-term stable microsystem components.
  • Directly heated separation columns, thus very fast heating and cooling times of the columns within a few seconds through the smallest masses of micro-separation columns

I-GraphX : Product overview

I-GraphX S / S-Accu: mobile (see underline)
I-GraphX PR: 19 inch Rack (see underline)
I-GraphX PX: ATEX (see underline)
I-GraphX OEM: zur Integration in eine Anlage (see underline)

Request information now or download our http://www.chemeurope.com/en/contact/products/104985/download/ .


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