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Illinois utility study seeks public comment on electric grid modernization efforts

Amid ongoing efforts to find solutions to the most significant challenges facing Illinois’ electric grid, the Nextgrid Utility of the Future Study issued a call on Tuesday for public comment on issues related to cybersecurity, reliability, resiliency and customer engagement.

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Managed by the University of Illinois, in partnership with the Illinois Commerce Commission, NextGrid is a comprehensive 18-month study looking at trends in energy production, usage and transactions, grid modernization, and legal and regulatory needed to support grid modernization.

The Nextgrid working group on Reliability, Resiliency and Cyber Security is seeking public comments to assist its efforts to study existing and emerging challenges to the physical and cyber security of the grid. Additionally, the group is evaluating potential attacks and solutions to mitigate risks.

The NextGrid working group on Customer and Community Participation is also seeking public comment on strategies to engage electricity customers in to influence and benefit from grid modernization. The study evaluated topics, such as demand response, intelligence devices, and energy efficiency.

Comments can be emailed to the Reliability, Resilience and Cyber Security working group at NextGridWorkingGroup3@Illinois.gov through July 2. Comments can be emailed to the Customer and Community Participation working group at NextGridWorkingGroup4@Illinois.gov through July 7.

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