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Immunethep receives grant from Gates Foundation

Portuguese biotech company Immunethep has convinced the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to hand out a grant to test its antibody against the bacterial extracellular virulence factor GAPDH.

Immunethep did not disclose any details about the grant. The biotech company based in Cantanhede is developing anti-bacterial immunotherapies based on the discovery of a virulence mechanism shared by different bacteria – including multi-resistant strains – that cause life-threatening infections. “We are very proud to have received this support. The trust that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has demonstrated in Immunethep by awarding us this grant is an additional motivation to go forward with our roadmap and it also gives us a reinforced confidence in the scientific platform behind Immunethep’s pipeline,” said Pedro Madureira, Chief Scientific Officer of Immunethep.

After raising a seed round with more than €700,000 from Portugal Ventures in 2015 to execute pre-clinical work, the company is currently raising a series A round to enter Phase I clinical trials with its PNV1 vaccine candidate, Santos told EuroBiotech at this year’s Berlin Conference on Life Sciences. The vaccine is designed to protect different groups which have a high risk of being infected with bacteria – possibly a life-threatening incident. The lead indication will be patients undergoing surgical procedures. However, the grant will be used for a different project: Immunethep wants to assess if orally delivered anti-GAPDH antibodies can prevent group B streptococcus infections.

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