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In Vivo Magnetic Resonance (GRS)

The world of in vivo magnetic resonance is a dynamic place where physics, biology, engineering, and computer science have tangled for decades to create a remarkable tool for investigating biology and diagnosing disease. As new fields unfold (Big Data, artificial intelligence) and previously distinct fields merge (biophysical modeling and image reconstruction), the world of in vivo MR grows ever more complex.

This inaugural GRS aims to provide graduate students, post-docs, and other junior scientists a holistic view of our rapidly changing world through: (i) expert insight from established leaders in our field and (ii) cutting edge research talks and posters, conducted and presented by the attendant trainees, that will define the next major advances in the world of in vivo MR. Topics covered by an interdisciplinary selection of speakers will include “Book-smart or street-wise? Theoretical and empirical perspectives on biophysical models”, “Human vs machine: reconstruction techniques”, and “Progressing magnetic resonance: keeping pace with a changing world”.

Event Location: Proctor Academy
Language: English
Event Organiser: Gordon Research

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