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Indi- Netherlands team up to promote sustainability

Indian-Dutch partner organisations are working toward the goal of sustainable and inclusive decision making. One example is the Circular Yarn Initiative which sees Indian and Dutch textile companies joining forces to produce circular textiles for the European market. This is achieved by pooling resources and expertise to incorporate innovative techniques in the supply chain to turn textile waste into new high quality materials.

Indus is an entrepreneurial network which aims to improve sustainable and inclusive innovations in both Indian and Dutch businesses and is made possible through the support of MVO Nederland, the Dutch Embassy in India, Center for Responsible Business, Indian Institute for Corporate Affairs, TERI and CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development.

India and the Netherlands are collaborating in areas including agribusiness and horticulture, water management and sustainable business. Netherlands is a huge importer of fabrics and also a champion of labor and environment issues. It pursues a successful environmental policy that is resulting in cleaner rivers, reduction in carbon emissions, reduction in waste streams, and the cleanup of contaminated soil.

National environmental policy is directed to contributing to sustainable economic development and to the health and safety of people by maintaining and improving the quality of the environment.

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