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[ Insurance & Registration ] Open Question : Do any rental car companies allow someone with a learners permit to drive if a parent is riding with them?

I have started working a summer job with a catering company and got my first paycheck yesterday. Since I have a learners permit but cannot practice driving right now since mom is driving her boyfriends truck which has a stick shift, I asked mom about me helping to pay for a rental car for a few weeks so I can get some much needed practice driving. Mom says that there are no rental car companies that would allow 17 year old with a learners permit to drive under any circumstances, so there is no way I could practice driving on one if she did rent one. She doesn’t see anything wrong with my sister and I being passengers in the truck. Wondering if there are any rental car companies that would allow me to drive the rental car if mom is riding in the front seat with me. Will probably offer to split the price of renting a car for a week or two if so as I really need to get some practice driving and the truck is a tight fit for my mom, sister, and I. Would appreciate any information on rental car companies that would let me drive so I can try talk mom into us renting a car. I can try to get my license in September and am really worried about not getting to practice driving to so long.

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