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Ionic Liquids (GRS)

Inspired by the remarkable success of the first Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) in 2016, and in support to the Gordon Research Conference, the upcoming GRS on Ionic Liquids is a unique opportunity for graduate students, postdocs, and other scientists with comparable levels of experience to present and exchange new results and innovative ideas from the cutting-edge of the ionic liquids research. The GRS is particularly dedicated to empowering tomorrow’s leaders in the field to build synergistic efforts involving interdisciplinary collaborations across scientific disciplines and bring innovation in the future of ionic liquid applications.

Ionic liquids have risen as promising compounds, based on their flexible design, tunable interactions, and limitless applications. Research groups around the world are simultaneously advancing ionic liquids in numerous directions, interfacing fundamental, applied, and theoretical research, and making this field unique. The breadth of these advances will be explored in oral presentations, poster sessions, and open panel discussion at this GRS. Overall, the GRS is aimed at providing young researchers a highly intellectually-stimulating yet casual environment to present their own research while building a professional network among their peers.

Event Location: Grand Summit Hotel at Sunday River
Language: English
Event Organiser: Gordon Research

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