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Lawsuit alleges Ulta resold used cosmetics as new

A California woman is suing Ulta Beauty, the suburban Chicago-based cosmetics retailer, for allegedly reselling used makeup as new to unsuspecting consumers.

The lawsuit, filed last month in a federal court in Chicago, seeks class-action status for what it claims is Ulta’s “widespread and surreptitious practice” of repackaging returned cosmetics and mixing them back on the shelf to sell at full price with unblemished products.

“Every customer who has purchased cosmetics at Ulta since this practice began was put at risk of unwittingly purchasing used, unsanitary cosmetics and this risk reduces the desirability and value of all cosmetics sold by Ulta,” the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit was brought by Kimberley Laura Smith-Brown, a Los Angeles woman who purchased dozens of cosmetic items, including eye liner, mascara and, most recently, lip balm, at an Ulta store over the past six months — before reports of the alleged practice of reselling used makeup surfaced last month on social media.

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