Lazada requires you to follow the rules of trading

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Merchants using the commercial platforms Shopee and Lazada have an obligation to strictly comply with laws and regulations, online retailers said amid calls from the Department of Health (DOH) to explain reports of drugs sold over the Internet without the necessary permits.

“Our vendors must strictly comply with applicable local laws and regulations, and we will take appropriate action if we discover that they are being violated,” Shopee said in a statement sent to GMA News Online on Wednesday.

“We have zero tolerance with counterfeit and offensive products, and with all products that violate our regulations, and we have comprehensive measures to address them,” said Shopee.

In a separate statement sent late Tuesday, Lazada said that merchants on the online platform are required by contract to fully comply with applicable and applicable laws, regulations and local emissions.

“By purchasing regulated products, we encourage consumers to familiarize themselves with the relevant consumer information published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health and the governing bodies,” said Lazada.

On Tuesday, the Health Department said it issued a citation for Shopee, Lazada and a pharmacy in Iloilo to explain why they should not be penalized after receiving reports that they had been selling drugs online without the necessary permission.

Lazada said he will respond to the complaint raised by the FDA in due time and will cooperate with the authorities regarding the investigation.

Shopee said he has “zero tolerance” when it comes to counterfeit and offensive products. All products that violate the regulations will be treated with the integral measures implemented.

“We also have a listing team that regularly filters … our product listings to make sure they do not violate the regulations,” said Shopee.

“If there is an alert about products that violate our regulations, our team will remove the lists and send a warning to the offending vendors. The sale of the offenders in Shopee will be prohibited, “he said.

Lazada noted that it eliminates vendors or lists of products and imposes sanctions on errant traders if they are selling regulated items after an investigation involving relevant stakeholders.

In a notice dated June 11, the FDA warned against the lack of assurance that the drugs sold online are genuine. In addition to that, these medications are supposedly not stored properly.

The FDA also warned that the online sale of drugs is illegal and that it only allows drugs to be ordered over the Internet as long as the seller has an FDA licensed pharmacy with a physical address.

Shopee said it is committed to protecting the interest of all its customers and offering a secure purchasing environment to provide users with the best consumer experience.

“Our buyer protection program also guarantees accessible customer service channels, free returns and refunds,” said Lazada.

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