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Lyst analyses the online shopping

Global fashion search platform Lyst analyses the online shopping behavior of more than five million shoppers a month searching, browsing and buying fashion across 12,000 designers and stores online. The formula behind the index takes into account global Lyst and Google search data, conversion rates and sales, as well as brand and product social media mentions and engagement statistics worldwide over a three-month period.

Off-White is officially the hottest brand on the planet in the third quarter of this year as per the Lyst Index, a quarterly ranking of fashion’s hottest brands and products. Over the last year the cult streetwear label has risen 33 places, surpassing Gucci and Balenciaga at the top of the table for the first time.

Gucci is in second place and Balenciaga third at the Lyst index. Nike has moved five places up the index to grab the fourth spot. Also, four out of the 20 hottest products this quarter are Nike. Total search traffic to Nike related pages has grown 13 per cent quarter on quarter.

Prada is fifth and Versace is sixth at the Lyst index. The seventh spot is taken by Yeezy. This is a brand founded by Kanye West. His personal profile helps to peak and sustain the hype around the brand. The brand generates major buzz online when a new product or collection drops.

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