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Mahle develops new generation of thermally insulating piston coatings

Mahle’s all-new piston coatings are being developed for the purpose of increasing efficiency and minimizing emissions. These coatings are intended to guide heat away to reduce the amount entering the pistons. This initially reduces the demand for piston cooling, and the increased exhaust gas temperature allows a higher quantity of energy to be extracted by waste heat recovery (WHR) systems.

At the same time, the higher exhaust gas temperature permits faster heating of the exhaust gas aftertreatment system following the cold start. The resulting decrease in NOx emissions makes it easier to comply with current and future legislation.

The company achieves additional positive effects by optimizing the piston galleries, as featured on the MonoLite piston with its kidney-shaped cross section. This allows a temperature reduction of up to 20K without negative impact on the aging of the oil used. The combination of reduced oil flow and a small compression height helps to minimize friction and fuel consumption.

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