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New Beauty Products on Shelf in April

We’d like to make one thing clear. Before we started writing this story we were on a very strict (and serious) no shopping ban. Which, to our surprise, was actually going pretty well.

We’re talking four weeks of not buying anything unnecessary, well, that is, as long as you don’t count rose-infused water as unnecessary? But we’re pretty sure that can be written off for health reasons, and you can’t put a price tag on health, right?

That was until April rudely turned up with so much beauty newness. Seriously, can someone please tell me why there are SO MANY GOOD BEAUTY THINGS this month?! In short, we lost all control of our faculties, and went rogue to the point where we wish beauty products ranked on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs because we’d be really glad to have a psychological explanation for this behaviour.

Keep reading for a comprehensive list of all the new-in products that not only broke our shopping ban, but are probably going to send us bankrupt. Oh well, at least our skin will look good.

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