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Next round of long-term electric distribution plans

Next round of long-term electric distribution plans

“With the need to modernize electric infrastructure, increase electric reliability, and integrate new energy technologies, the Commission is providing guidance to DTE Energy and Consumers Energy on their next round of long-term electric distribution plans,” Sally Talberg, chairman of the MPSC, said. “This planning process will improve transparency and stakeholder involvement in utility planning and help ensure the right investments are made to benefit customers. We are excited to see this effort taken to the next level as utilities examine how best to integrate technologies such as electric vehicles, rooftop solar, and battery storage.”

Those plans encompass the future vision of their electrical grids, investment, upgrades, how best to embrace new technology and the impending electric vehicle impact on it all. Public comment is required, and the companies need to present a progress report on safety, reliability and resiliency outlooks. They also need to perform cost-benefit analyses and evaluate non-wires alternatives.

Non-wires alternatives include energy waste reduction, shifting demand away from peak periods, and the use of solar energy and energy storage to relieve grid burdens.

The MPSC will assess investments made beyond the traditional year-long rate cases and identify grid investment potential. Consumers and DTE filed their first five-year distribution investment and maintenance plans earlier this year, which was followed by a stakeholder technical conference in August.

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