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Organic Reactions and Processes

The 2018 Gordon Research Conference on Organic Reactions and Processes (ORP) will convene established and up-and-coming experts in synthetic organic chemistry at Stonehill College, MA July 15-20, 2018. This 64th consecutive annual gathering will focus on real world examples at the forefront of target-oriented synthesis, mechanism elucidation in bond-forming reactions, and fundamental discoveries in molecular reactivity. Green and Sustainable Chemistry processes will be a significant focus. The meeting sessions will feature a diverse lineup of international experts in organic reaction development and synthetic strategy who hail from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Researchers from both academic and industrial settings will share insights and experiences from the vanguard of chemical discovery. The catalytic methods discussed will include organocatalysis, biocatalysis, and organometallic catalysis, with a focus on previously unpublished results in order to facilitate rapid progress in additional discovery. Each presentation will include open discussion among attendees to maximize understanding and conceive of new directions in the research. The tradition of vibrant and interactive ORP poster sessions is open for all attendees to present their own research and discuss recent progress with other experts. Conference applicants are encouraged to submit a poster abstract at the time of their application. A few of the poster presenters will be selected to present short talks to all the attendees on the last day of the conference. The deadline for the submission of poster abstracts is four weeks before the conference begins, June 24th, 2018. This conference is annually oversubscribed, so early application is encouraged.

Event Location: Stonehill College
Language: English
Event Organiser: Gordon Research

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