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Plastic Closure Innovations 2018

AMI is pleased to announce Plastic Closure Innovations 2018, its 6th international conference focussed on innovation in the plastic closures industry and product delivery mechanisms for both beverages and non-beverages applications.

The event will take place on 22-24 May 2018 at the Hotel Palace in Berlin, Germany and will once again bring together leading industry professionals and experts throughout the value chain. In addition to a busy two-day programme of presentations, Plastic Closure Innovations 2018 will feature an extensive exhibition area and it will provide a high-level networking opportunity.

In the evolving caps and closures industry technological advances are becoming increasingly important. To protect and grow profitability caps and closures producers must innovate and deliver better solutions for the supply chain. Product and system developments at several levels of the supply-chain aim to address changing needs. For decades, we have seen technology developments towards the ultimate goal of increasing productivity, reducing cycle time and material usage while precision, consistency and quality are now gaining in importance. This opens new opportunities in closure design and drives premium brand opportunities. With high growth prospects for most applications, plastic caps and closures is an attractive segment characterized by highly reputable customers and high levels of technology.

Plastic Closure Innovations 2018 encourages participants to look at technology processes and solutions in an open innovative environment which is increasingly demanded by global brand owners.

Whatever your involvement in the plastic closures industry, be it brand owner or investor, plastic closure producer, designer or material and technology supplier, this event will provide with an ideal opportunity to meet with likeminded professionals, get expert opinions and debate key issues.

Event Location: Hotel Palace
Language: English
Event Organiser: Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI)

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