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Polymer Foam USA 2018

AMI’s global conference on foam technology and applications in thermoplastics and elastomers, Polymer Foam 2018, will take place June 19-20, 2018 at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center, in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

In the past few years, ​concern for the environment and improved performance/cost ratio, have driven foam ​markets into new products and manufacturing innovation. From construction insulation, foamed pipe and profiles, flooring and furnishing through to light-weighting of automotive components and packaging reduction, foams are conquering more of the plastics processing marketplace adding reduced material use to cut costs and transportation by reduced weight. In addition foams offer impact performance, sound and thermal insulation, cushioning and other valuable properties. What equipment is best? Which materials are suitable? How controllable is the structure? What chemical blowing agent or physical foaming process is best? Can existing equipment be adapted for foaming? These ​are some of the hot topics that will be reviewed at Polymer Foam 2018.

Event Location: Pittsburgh Marriott City Center
Language: English
Event Organiser: Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI)

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