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[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open Question : My fiance and I want to consolidate our debt but I’m not sure if we should? 50K?

2 American express ($400-$450 a month)
2 capital one ($150-$200 a month)
1 Sears card ($175 a month)
1 bank of america (
1 personal credit union loan ($250 a month)
1 car loan with a credit union ($250 a month) Between all of this is around 50k, We do not own a house, we are currently renting at $875 month. We also have one child. Ultimately, I want a lower monthly payment, but I’m not sure how it’s going to be in the long run if we do this. Any tips? How will this impact our credit scores? Will this really make things easier? What has your experience been with consolidating debt? If I decide on consolidating, what are important things I should look out for? Thank you!

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