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[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open Question : My landlord isn’t returning my full security deposit, and a slew of other issues.?

My lease ended on the 15th, but On the 9th, i scheduled a walkthrough with the landlord. He said everything was fine, except for the shower which had some stains due it it being plugged up at one point. I came back to clean it the next morning. Then I moved in to the new place. 26 days later, I received the check with a letter stating all of these ridiculous charges not stated In the lease, including fees of things not stated during the walkthrough and “guest fees” totaling $900 claiming I had someone staying there with no proof. He also mentioned a few pallets left on the storage space from 3 years ago, which we didn’t do a walkthrough in. There was a hole above my stove in my apartment. It’s supposed to be an air unit, however dead bugs wrapped in webs were falling out. My landlord did not fix it, so I covered the 12 inch opening. I’m taking him to small claims court, for return of the deposit, and concerning the bugs falling on the stove. I’d just like to know laws concerning health and safety, and a legal walkthrough. I do have pictures of the entire unit right before I vacated. Also, I did the walkthrough early, the the landlord didn’t mention any other issues for opportunity to fix. The apartment was completely empty during the walkthrough.

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