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Resonance Free Pipe aims to reduce weight

Faurecia has announced that it will equip two of GM’s pickup trucks, the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra, with its Resonance Free Pipe (RFP).

The Resonance Free Pipe aims to reduce weight and packaging complexity by eliminating resonators, as well as improving emissions and fuel economy performance.

“We are excited that GM has recognized the value of the RFP, and we are proud to launch it on such a prominent program,” said Hadi Awada, president of Faurecia Clean Mobility North America.

“As the industry continues to rapidly evolve, we continue to innovate with game-changing technologies, like the RFP, in order to lead the way in sustainable mobility.”

The RFP, which uses micro-perforated patches placed along the tailpipe to cancel resonances, offers a lightweight alternative to a resonator, and is best-suited for pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles.

With its simplified design, the RFP provides 3-5kg of weight savings in a more compact package. Removing the resonator from the architecture of the exhaust system, the RFP also enables up to 10 liters of packaging flexibility.

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