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[ Rock and Pop ] Open Question : I have the perfect lead singer first Soundgarden since we lost Chris Cornell the guy’s name is jorn lande or Tony Martin?

Please let this guy up this guy’s voice is truly epic he sounds a lot like Ronnie James Dio I think there should be a new unique way for Soundgarden to go in this direction. Some of the greatest replacement singers in Rock what made them great if they didn’t sound like there was there they were replacing there are very few exceptions for you could say that they did but Ozzy did not sound like Dio nor to Tony Martin but still great singer and they all brought their own unique style to Black Sabbath So why can’t this happened with Soundgarden another reason why I picked Tony Martin is because that guy and my opinion is the most underrated singer in Rock that guy’s voice is amazing and he’s a great songwriter and I think that maybe they should look at these guys Tony or torn there proof great singers and I think they’re fully capable of singing Soundgarden’s songs Sometimes when I post singers online for people who should have Place bands that don’t have a good lead singer now people say it’s on a good fit how would you know it’s not a good fit unless you see it

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