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Safari Energy awards solar preventative maintenance portfolio to SunSystem Technology

Safari Energy announced that it has awarded solar PV services provider SunSystem Technology with its preventative maintenance portfolio.

The highly competitive process resulted in SunSystem Technology winning a three-year contract to conduct system inspections, testing and maintenance. The work spans more than 130 projects totaling over 80MW of solar power generation capacity in 18 states from Massachusetts to Hawaii.

Safari Energy chief executive officer Matt Rudey said: “Safari Energy is committed to delivering optimal returns for our large real estate portfolio clients, and this agreement with SunSystem Technology will further streamline our process and enhance solar power generation, ultimately increasing financial performance for our clients. We will continue to seek out high-quality partners who deliver market-leading services, fulfilling our sophisticated approach to investing.”

SunSystem Technology chief executive officer Derek Chase said: “We are thrilled to have been chosen by Safari Energy to service their nationwide portfolio of C&I systems. Their approach to maximizing their assets’ ROI through a proactive maintenance schedule aligns with our deep expertise and ability to deliver premium operations and maintenance services across the country.”

Preventative maintenance of solar power systems is an important investment to avoid costly repairs, extend system lifetime and increase system uptime. It is estimated that a well-maintained system will perform 10-30% better than one that is not, potentially leading to millions of dollars in savings across large real estate portfolio.

To date, as a result of careful maintenance and expert execution, Safari Energy’s more than 250-project fleet has performed at 104% of its proforma on a weather-adjusted basis.

As large real estate portfolio owners increasingly look to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, technology and innovation also play an important role in ensuring financial returns are optimized.

In order to maintain Safari Energy’s commercial solar power systems, SunSystem Technology will deploy cutting edge tools, using drones, artificial intelligence and aerial thermography to assess system performance and identify areas to address.

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