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SK-II limited edition bottles, designed by Australian artist

SK-II has channelled a fantasy world to promote its newest limited-edition bottle with an advert featuring Chinese singer Leah Dou, according to The Drum.

The 3D advert, named Pitera Wonderland, was created by director Tal Zagreba and showcases a make-believe world akin to Alice in Wonderland, with dancing characters that were created with the help of Virtuoso dancer Kieran Lai via a motion capture session that took place in Warsaw.

Zagreba said, “The biggest challenge was to finish the huge amount of work within the tight time frame – less than a month for the whole post-production stage. It was an extremely intense race against the clock – you’ve gotta love the adrenaline – and thanks to everyone’s hard work, we managed to go on a crazy ride to the wonderland and back.”

The company brought the SK-II limited edition bottles, designed by Australian artist and illustrator Karan Singh, to life via a bank of movements in order to create a live-action feel.

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