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TBC adding Wild Spirit line for light commercial van segment

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — TBC Corp. is adding a line of light commercial tires, the Wild Spirit HST-C, to its private-brand portfolio targeted at the fast-growing commercial van segment.

The Wild Spirit HST-C has been engineered for extended traction performance, high durability and superior all-season handling for vans and light trucks that transport cargo, passengers, or other heavy loads, TBC said.

Jon Vance, senior vice president of product marketing, said, “We remain committed to offering an exclusive, high quality and extremely competitive product option that dealers can market as their own against the very best in each segment.”

The Wild Spirit HST-C tire will be available in seven sizes in the coming months:

215/55R16 (XL); 195/70R15C (D); 185/60R15C (C); 195/75R16C (D); 225/75R16C (E); 205/65R15C (D); and 235/65R16 (E).

The Wild Spirit HST-C is offered as a dedicated line under TBC’s four primary private brands — Delta, Eldorado, Multi-Mile and Vanderbilt.

The steel-belted radial offers 12/32nds-inch tread depth in most sizes.

TBC is sourcing the new line from Svizz-One Corp. Ltd., a unit Thailand’s Deestone Corp., according to the tire’s DOT code.

The line features a nationwide manufacturer’s limited warranty covering road hazard damage during the first year or first 2/32nds-inch of wear. TBC also offers its free 30-day ride policy

Four sizes will be available in early September with the full line available by Oct. 1, TBC said.

The Wild Spirit HST-C is the second Wild Spirit light truck/SUV tire in the TBC private brand portfolio, next to the Wild Spirit Sport HXT.

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