The Google Shopping homepage will make it easy for consumers to compare prices and brands easily

The Google Shopping home will make it easier for consumers to make purchases and to compare prices and brands easily. Consumers can also buy from Google retailers directly.

After Amazon, it’s time for Google to compete in the online advertising business with a new Shopping Experience.

Gallery ads will be displayed on mobile. Google Shopping has tested gallery ads from the beginning of this year and will become more prominent in the future. These advertisements are expected to increase interaction by 25 percent from traditional advertising, said Prabhakar Raghavan Ad Head from Google. Gallery ads will not appear on the desktop.

Discovery ads will appear on the mobile app. They will also be on Android phones in the feed find. They will appear just like any other story with the picture above, with the title and subject area. A small badge with “advertisements” on it will help users know that it’s sponsored.

Google mobile search will provide a lot of visuals for its pages. The film will come along with a poster image and with a photo of the main actor. Some will come with video clips and review footage too. Even when viewers watch products on video, they can immediately buy the product, said Oliver Heckmann, Vice President of Travel and Shopping from Google.

Visuals will help attract user attention to advertiser content. YouTube will have this advertisement along with the recommended video.

Google Shopping, help retailers through their showcase opportunities for non-brand searches. Ads will bring information about the location of the retailer if they are nearby and offer more details about the superior products.

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